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Good To Know 10 Best Beach Club in Bali [Latest News]

Potato Head Bali

Potato Head Pool Bar

Offering a blend of vintage and modern atmosphere that is unique in the whole room is decorated non symmetrical installation of hundreds of obsolete window. The place is always full of guests who want to enjoy the sunset at Petitenget Beach. The place is also often bring in DJs

Kudeta Beach Club



Operational since 2000, other than because it is easily accessible without the hassle down the cliff, scenerySeminyak Beach and Indian Ocean can be enjoyed direct visitors, especially those who want to enjoy the beauty of the sky at sunset.

Rock Bar Bali


Rock Bar Bali

Rock Bar is part of Ayana Resort & Spa is located on the coast Krisik, Jimbaran. You have to travel to the corners of the Ayana Resort Jimbaran to achieve this. To arrive at the Ayana Resort, travelers can walk to the Jimbaran. Time needed on the way to the Rock Bar is only about 30-45 minutes from Kuta.

Although, belongs to the Ayana Resort, Rock Bar remains open to the public and can be enjoyed by anyone. So do not worry if you do not stay at Ayana Resort. Only the location of the feeding site, what distinguishes between general travelers with tourists who stay.

Finn’s Beach Club


Finns Beach Club

Hidden beneath with a private beach, Finn’s Beach Club is the best place in Bali to enjoy the sand and the beach without interruption traders. Being at Semara Luxury Villa Resort, to get to here must go through some stairs and ride the gondola. Visitors are usually booked Finn’s Sirloin Sandwich, Tuna Salad Balinesse, or Oxtail, to be enjoyed with a cold beer or cocktails.

El Cabron Beach Club



Based on the cliffs between Bingin and Dreamland Beach, remoteness adds to the exclusivity of places offering stunning sunset views this. The interior is stylish Mediterranean, while the open area at the edge of the swimming pool filled with beach beds and a sofa to relax.

Cocoon Beach Club


Cocoon Beach Club

Integrating the concept of modern cafe with seaside atmosphere, the restaurant serves a European menu, such as banana pancakes, egg beneddict, chocolate fondant, The Oasis, Snow Cocoons Tribute Egg, Bucket of Prawns, and Cocoon Burger. The bar offers a variety of world-class wine, cocktails, mocktails and other beverages.

Karma Beach

Karma Beach

Karma Beach

Although located hidden behind towering cliffs in Ungasan, managers set up the elevator for its guests. Karma Beach Club offers soft white sand and crystal-clear sea water. Serves Mediterranean cuisine as well as a variety of sushi and sashimi, visitors also favored cockyail Chakra.

Komune Beach Club


Komune Beach Club

Komune Beach club is located in the east, precisely in the Keramasa Village. during this beach club is always in the area of Jimbaran, Kuta, Seminyak or Nusa Dua but different for Komune. Though far from the tourist center of Kuta, the Komune classified tourist crowded in coming because the place is nice also famous for night surfing

Woobar Beach Club

Woo Bar Bali

Woo Bar Bali

Woobar inside the W Retreat & Spa Bali is the place to hang out to relax while enjoying the sunset.
Located on Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan, Kuta, Badung, Bali, the beach club offers a wonderful view directly overlooking the beach.With the sofa so arranged outdoors and poolside decks, visitors can enjoy the breeze. Woobar concept is modern style beach club is seen from other places, more into fashion, music, and design

Santrian Beach Club


Santrian Beach Club

The beach club of the Puri Santrian resort and spa offers breakfast and all day dining, regular entertainments and a delightful view of pools, beach and ocean. Adjacent to the beach club is an air-conditioned lounge with drinks and snacks, free internet, newspapers, TV and a great view.

5 Best Diving Location in Bali [Latest News]

Bali island famous for its beautiful beaches have golden sand and clear sea is greenish. However, do you know that the number one tourist destination in Indonesia also has another beauty that is not less beautiful. Uniquely, the beauty of it is below sea untouched by anyone.

In the period of recent times, the island of Bali was transformed into a paradise for the fans of the sport of diving (diving). Most Divers (divers) fascinated by the combination of the mysterious atmosphere of the wreck sank, with coral reefs and crystal clear water

Well, for those who intend memgikuti footsteps of Divers from around the world who’ve enjoyed the natural beauty of the water on the island of the gods, the following five best diving spots in the island of Bali.

1.  Candi Dasa

candi dasa

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Popular as a tourist area, a small town in the eastern part of Bali offers some interesting underwater not to be missed. Enjoy Tepekong Gili, a group of small islands with a charming underwater life.

2.  Menjangan Island


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The small island that is part of the West Bali National Park is surrounded by large and small coral which is a habitat for sea eels, turtles snapper and batfish.

3. Nusa Penida

Photo by :

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Located near the Strait of Lombok, this island offers a haven for professional divers who want to see sunfish and manta. There are several popular dive sites, including Toyapakeh which has a stretch of clear water and beautiful corals and anemones and Crystal Bay with a variety of soft corals.

5. Pemuteran

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Captivating views of five mountain on the island of Java combined with the largest coral expanse on the island makes this place very special. The Divers will love Napoleon Reef, diving spot with soft coral gardens and branching are unsightly and Close Encounter decorated with colorful nudibranch.

5. Tulamben


This place is located at the foot of Mount Agung and is the most popular dive sites in Bali. On midday Tulamben full of tourists who want to visit the ruins of the USS Liberty, the ship of the United States which sank about 70 years ago during World War II.

Best Rafting in Bali [Latest News]

White Water Rafting Bali or Bali rafting is a challenging outdoor activity using an inflatable raft to down the river. for the thrill and challenge of the raft passengers. Bali rafting offers you the opportunity to try out this exciting water adventure. Currently in bali there are three very famous place to do rafting is on the Ayung River in Ubud, Melangit River or Bakas Levi Rafting in Klungkung both rivers provide water adventure is great with class rapids level II and rafting III is different to Telaga Waja River in Karangasem provide first-class rapids is larger level III and IV. For those of you who are beginners suitable for rafting on the river Ayung Ubud. For a more challenging challenges Telaga Waja could be an option.

Profesional guide for Rafting Bali has been an expert and experienced will provide an insight into the river ecology and amaze you with their skills in this classic adventure tour. Bali has a really experience rafting adventure on the river with an amazing view of the river and surrounding area.

5 Reasons Why Should Be Vacation to Bali ! [Latest News]

  1. Breathtaking natural beauty from Mountain to beach, from caves to lakes, these are amazing island!!
  2. Culinary – thousands of Restaurants. Spend 1 – 100 dollars a meal – it will be tasty all arround the world menu.Italian Food, Japanese Food, Chinese Food, India Food, Mexican Food and more International foods.
  3. More Outdoor Activities including Seawalker, Rafting and Ubud Eco Cycling.
  4. Wellness & Spa Center – Bali is probably the body mind and soul capital of South East Asia, some say: of the
  5. world.
  6. Affordable international flights – many of them direct flight.This paradise is fairly close!

Ubud Writer Festival 2016 [Latest News]

For this year’s Ubud Writer’s Festival was held on 26 to 30 October 2016. This time the theme is taken Tat Tvam Asi ( “I am you, you are me”). For those of you who enjoyed literature festival is quite mandatory for you to visit. See on Ubud Writer’s Festival, 2016.